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released June 17, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrei Eremin at The Alley Studios, Melbourne, Australia in January/February 2013.

MON014, released via MONOLITH.



all rights reserved


Stockades Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Just Following Orders
just following orders, hold the line
they´re drawn in blood, hide behind
shield eyes, badges covered, justice blind
evictions violence; the only crime
enough force, securing, choking out
bent knees, bowed heads, remain calm
reaction compels breathless shout
of freedoms threat; police terror
lose trust, coated weary clout
propagandas perseverant psalm
they won´t excuse your reasoned doubt
paid for with bodies that paid for arms

sit staring drenched indirections flux
together memories unfold
futures seem present in the past
insurmountable woes
a helpless plea becomes a rasp
question ability to cope
find a reality to grasp
convolutions blinking hope

stranded on the beaches of pollutions dead coastline, not celestial design
what might have been obscured by indifference wasn´t seen, still hides in plain sight
what might have been obscured by omission wasn´t said, knotted throats leak heavy sighs

mandatory violence
malevolent views
mandatory silence
powers abused
trials we´re presented
wars we all lose
screaming for changes
hierarchies removed
drops in a river, swim disillusion
tears in the rain, drown in seclusion
waving a fan at a hurricane
mapping the world, a journey escape where we
freely reside, a nice place to share and to thrive
Track Name: Borderlines
bound to machines
bow to fluorescence
rotating through cycles
sweating the essence of effort
lost empathy in narcissistic misery
held heavy aloft
vanity’s purchase
for digital mirrors
lacking a purpose
a broader perspective, beyond reflections
wind wails past the windows
huffing stale air
complain and perspire
climb stairs to nowhere
instruments measure success, a number deceptive
close-by horizons forever depicted in distance
struggle and strive but remain
retain a stagnant disposition
remain in a static position

escaping, fleeing in fear
cross invisible lines
a reason just that is clear
to protect lives

flicker flame
dripping cloth
shatter impact
spill full of
combusting liquids
makes more sense, a bigger difference than any vote
not democracy but a crushing yoke
corporate oligarchy
blood and oil their alchemy
to spill, to soak

It’s the national xenophobia superiority delusion
in the bigot lies of the media
in a vote grabbing decision
it's the ping -pong politics that punish humans seeking refuge
exercising a right to asylum, refused
in mental illness factories
indefinite incarceration
suicidal tendencies
death sentence deportation

a homeland without barriers
country not owed by us
plants, water, rock, and dirt
did the first people here tell you that it was yours?
did your god whisper in your ear your birth right privilege assured?
Track Name: Likeminded, 3011
hearts that warm up feeling feelings to constant beats, aching
warm up! liminality, we took flight
nooses knot up! hang constricting laws, swing back and forth, higher
knot up intangible spaced out minds
we have come up drowning in contentment watching everything
come up! inquisitive affection, here I find
skies that light up! roasting bones, fresh river shores at dawn, faces
light up experimental knowing smiles

kinship built our structure bright
colourful in light despite
holes in walls, bound to fall
still holding up well through this snowstorm
alertness rings alarms
state issued institutions harm
kept one close eye on bright green signs
a person not a data file
we will stand on the roof again
shattering filthy skylights
concrete floors climb to new heights
puzzling consideration
a quiet moments’ revelation
jagged pieces fit together
picture enlightened endeavour

leap over lakes
sunken alley stone
soles crush syringes
brittle glass bones
fresh painted fences
reminders of home
safely in danger
never alone

living in disgrace/this place/the scray
Track Name: Something to Fill
believe in the secret that has been told millions of times
archived in bookshelves of those shallow desires
and I sat down in silence, tried to visualise
everything that is wanted to have in a life
inevitable that it will come to me
placing blind faith in self fulfilling idealist prophecy

then nothing happened so I went outside
I tried to wade and not get wet, turning my back to the tide
I thought prosperity was fated, setting the struggle aside
then nothing happened so I stood with friends likeminded aligned

brightly patterned tourniquet
wasting waiting for heaven sent
here’s hoping predestined fortune is imminent
conspired divinely to satiate

time and currency evaporates
condensating for prophets, line pockets of fakes
starving forsaken left behind empty plates
crowded late on a debt spire kneeling beneath the ceiling
material possessions won´t quell that empty feeling
realisation of inversion, crushed beneath the weight of abstract value

inspired to act, to aspire
won’t wander lost in the aisles
make difference, not indifferent
find all the things we could try
wanderlust beneath the sky